Pro Version of ChatGPT available to UGA community

UGA students, faculty, and staff have access to Copilot, an AI-powered chatbot provided by Microsoft. Copilot offers capabilities such as search and information retrieval, text generation, image creation, and code writing. It is housed within UGA’s Microsoft instance, ensuring that UGA data is not shared externally or used to train external AI models. Copilot is accessible online and through the UGA Mobile App under Campus Resources. More details are available on the EITS website and the UGA Knowledge Base.

How Copilot Access Provides Pro-Version of ChatGPT:

Copilot, available to the UGA community, includes advanced features similar to the pro-version of ChatGPT. These features encompass:

  • Search and Information Retrieval: Efficiently finding and retrieving relevant information.
  • Text Generation: Creating high-quality written content.
  • Image Creation: Generating images based on user input.
  • Code Writing: Assisting in programming tasks by generating and correcting code.

Since Copilot is integrated into UGA’s Microsoft environment, it ensures data security and privacy, providing a robust and protected platform for using these advanced AI tools.

Copilot is available online at and on the UGA Mobile App under Campus Resources.