This page list current openings within SMDA research labs for trainees and collaborators organized by working group.   Within each working group category openings are listed based on the following format:

Topic or Research Question

  • Location:    e.g. College of Pharmacy, Institute of Bioinformatics, etc.
  • Training Level:   e.g. undergraduate, graduate, postdoc collaborator
  • Data-Type:   e.g. DNA, RNA, proteomic, metabolomic, etc.
  • Data skills needed:  e.g. data visualization, machine-learning, integrative analyses, etc.
  • More Info:  contact info, more details


AI in Education


Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Pharmacy Education

  • Location:  College of Pharmacy, University of Georgia
  • Training:  Graduate (Master’s and current Master’s students are encouraged to apply)
  • Data-Type:  Textual data from student written assignments and simulated patient cases
  • Data skills: Proficiency in programing languages
    • Data preprocessing
    • Machine learning
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Model training and evaluation
  • More Info: