New Student Evaluations Format in Bioinformatics

The Institute of Bioinformatics has approved a new format for annual student evaluations for PhD and thesis-MS students, set to take effect this year. This change follows discussions held in the fall and aims to streamline the evaluation process and enhance student-advisor communication.

Key Changes:

  1. Committee Meetings: PhD and thesis-MS students must still have at least one committee meeting annually. However, advisors are no longer required to complete evaluation forms post-meeting.
  2. Progress Reports: All progress reports are now due on September 30 each year, regardless of when the committee meeting occurs.
  3. New Progress Report Form: Available for download on the IOB website, the new form is designed to foster dialogue between students and advisors. The process involves:
    • Part 1: Completed by the student.
    • Part 2: Completed by the advisor after reviewing part 1.
    • Part 3: Optional response by the student.
    • Submission: The student sends the completed form to April by September 30.
  4. GAC Review: The Graduate Advisory Committee (GAC) will review the reports to identify any signs of students facing difficulties or falling behind. If necessary, the GAC will intervene, and the reports will be archived.

This new format, modeled after the successful system used by the Genetics program, aims to identify and address potential issues early, ensuring students remain on track to meet their degree requirements. The university will monitor the effectiveness of this new system over the next few years and make adjustments as needed