GACRC Upgrades Sapelo2 Cluster with 3TB Nodes

The Georgia Advanced Computing Resource Center (GACRC) has just announced a significant upgrade to the ‘hugemem_p’ partition on the Sapelo2 cluster. In a move to enhance computing capabilities, three new Dell PowerEdge R6625 nodes have been added to the partition. These high-performance nodes are equipped with 2 AMD EPYC 9274F 24-core CPUs and boast an impressive 3TB of RAM each. Additionally, each node features a 3.5TB NVMe SSD for local /tmp and /lscratch storage.

This expansion complements the existing two Dell R6525 nodes in the ‘hugemem_p’ partition, which are outfitted with 2 AMD EPYC 16-core CPUs and 2TB of RAM. With the addition of the new nodes, Sapelo2’s maximum RAM-per-node job size capability has increased from 2TB to an outstanding 3TB.

For further details on the Sapelo2 partitions and job submission guidelines, users can refer to the documentation available at the GACRC Wiki.

The GACRC staff is dedicated to continuously improving the resources available to our users and looks forward to the enhanced computational opportunities these upgrades will provide.

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