Network Maintenance Scheduled for March 3, 2024

The University of Georgia (UGA) will undergo extensive network maintenance on Sunday, March 3, 2024, from 6:00 a.m. to midnight, potentially causing periodic, intermittent outages of campus internet access and information systems. This maintenance, conducted by Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS), will also impact UGA’s telephone services.

Key Points:

  • Network and Internet Outages: Campus internet access and information systems will experience intermittent outages throughout the maintenance period.
  • Telephone Service: UGA’s telephone services will face sporadic outages. In emergencies, use a cell phone to contact UGA Police by calling 911 instead of 706-542-2200. The UGA Police Department will continue to respond to all service calls.
  • Elevator Phones: Emergency phones in elevators may not work, and cell phone connectivity in elevators is unreliable. It is advised to use stairs whenever possible during this time.
  • Fire Alarm Panels: Building fire alarm panels may beep continuously until the phone connection is restored. Do not call UGA Police or Facilities Management Division for this issue, but remain vigilant and report any signs of fire or smoke.

Planning and Assistance: Faculty, staff, and students are advised to plan accordingly. If assistance is needed for activities during the maintenance period, contact Rayid Tartir at

For further details and updates on the maintenance, visit EITS Spring 2024 Network Maintenance and check progress reports at

This maintenance is crucial for ensuring the reliability and performance of UGA’s network infrastructure.